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About Our Doctors at Bay Cities Veterinary Hospital


Thomas Fitzpatrick, DVM

Dr. Fitz, as he is affectionately known by his staff, was born and raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He attended the University of Wyoming, receiving a Bachelor's degree of Science. From there he went on to attend Colorado State University and attained his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1972.

Dr. Fitzpatrick has been with Bay Cities Veterinary Hospital for over 40 years now! He joined the staff in 1972 and has been an owner since 1974. His primary interests are General Veterinary Medicine, Surgery, and Dentistry, and Management of Bay Cities Veterinary Hospital. Born with a great affinity for animals, he takes great pride in providing the best and most loving care possible for your pets.

He has three children, two daughters and one son. His interests include Fishing, Golf, Travel, Dining, and the Outdoors. Presently, he has two cats (Casper and Channel).

Bay_Cities_Photos_011_1.jpgMary J. Brandt, DVM

Dr. Mary J. Brandt attended Colorado State University where she attained her Bachelor's degree in June 1983 and Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in May 1983. She joined our staff in June of 1983 making her current tenure 30 years! Her primary interests are Internal Medicine and Acupuncture.

In her spare time Dr. Brandt enjoys spending time with her family and her Chocolate Lab, Bosco.

Bay_Cities_Photos_015_1.jpgSandy Milo, DVM

Dr. Milo was raised in the suburbs of Chicago. She attended the University of Illinois where she received both her Bachelor of Science and degree in Veterinary Medicine. Following completion of a year long internship, Dr. Sandy joined our practice in 1989 and has now been with us for over 24 years!

When not at the hospital with us, she is at home with her wonderful husband and four kids. Dr. Sandy also has 3 miniature poodles and 2 orange tabby cats. Orange tabbies are definitely her soft spot!

Bay_Cities_Photos_012_1_1.jpgGina Fuhrman, DVM 

Dr. Fuhrman attended Cal Poly Pomona where she received her Bachelor's degree in Animal Science in 1996. She received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Louisiana State University in 2000. Dr. Fuhrman joined our staff at Bay Cities Veterinary Hospital in early 2004 making her an integral part of our team for over 9 years. Her primary interests are Internal Medicine and Surgery.

Dr. Fuhrman enjoys CrossFit, running, skating and general fitness. She also enjoys spending time with her family, friends and pets. 

Thornbury2.jpgAdele Thornbury, DVM

Dr.Adele Thornbury was raised in Santa Monica, CA. She attended UC Berkeley and received a Bachelors of Science in 2003. She earned her DVM from Western University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2007. Dr. Thornbury completed a one year small animal medicine internship at Advanced Veterinary Care Center in Lawndale, CA in 2008. She has been a part of our team for over 5 years now. Her primary interests include Internal Medicine and Cardiology.

She enjoys traveling and spending time with friends, family, and her 
animals. She has two French bulldogs and three cats.

Genie Hernandez, Office Manager

Genie has been Bay Cities since 1974, and if this leads you to believe that she is passionate about her job- you are correct!  She shows up with a smile just about every day, and its still there when she leaves to go home. Genie loves our clients, loves all their four-legged family members, and loves the responsibility of making sure Bay Cities runs smoothly and effectively. She is instrumental in making certain that the needs of the doctors, the staff, and the clients all get met.

Genie was born and raised in Southern California, settling in Westchester in the mid seventies which is just a few minutes commute to work each day. She is a highly committed and compassionate person, both in her work and in her family life.

Chriss Stamberger, Office Administrator

Chriss started at Bay Cities when she was 17 in 1984, as a bather and kennel assistant.  She briefly left to work with her fathers company in 1989, and to fine tune her training in emergency vet work, but came right back the same year.  Upon her return, she became a supervisor very quickly and then Office Manager.  She has 3 cats- Pawsy who is 20, Boo Boo who is 18 and Annie who is 3 years old.  Each is a rescue from Bay Cities.  She has one daughter who she spends all of her free time taking to dance rehearsals, school outings and more.  Chriss's favorite part of her job is working on quality control.  She’s very committed to making sure the hospital is the best it can be!

David Cooper, Veterinary Assistant

David has been working for Bay Cities since September of 1999.  David cherishes the unique experiences he has working in this field.  He says he's gotten to see things he never would have imagined possible!  David loves what he gets to do and who he gets to work with.

Tina Boutell, Veterinary Assistant

Tina started working for Bay Cities in January of 2003.  She loves working and helping the animals and says she wouldn't want to do any other job. She is very super committed to her work in every way!  

Tyteosha Deed, Customer Service/ Receptionist

Tyteosha is a receptionist here at Bay Cities and is currently training to be a veterinary assistant as well!  She has been at Bay Cities since 2011 and takes much pride in her position.  Tyteosha enjoys every moment she has with our clients and patients. 

Melissa Elegado, Customer Service/ Receptionist

Melissa has been working as a Receptionist at Bay Cities Vet since 2011. She loves working with animals so finds this the perfect place to be.  She is almost never seen without her beautiful smile!

Alex Hernandez, Veterinary Assistant

Alex has been working at Bay Cities Vet for the past 25 years!  He's gone through a lot of challenges and had some amazing times helping the friendly pets day to day.  He wouldn't have it any other way.  Alex hopes he can do this job for the next 25 years!

Frank Patterson, Bather/ Veterinary Assistant

Frank has been with Bay Cities since 1994.  He's wonderful with your pets and loves nothing more than working with them.  He’s dedicated, friendly and so well liked!

Greg Palacios, VeterinaryAssistant                                                          

Greg has been working at Bay Cities for 5 years now.  He loves the animals and is extremely proud of the work he does here.

Amber Roth, Customer Service/Receptionist

Amber is a receptionist and veterinary assistant here at Bay Cities. She has been with us since 2009. She moved away briefly, and missed us so much that she came returned! She is happy to be back, and we are so happy to have her! Amber enjoys hanging out with Honey and Jax, her two cats, and her husband Ben.


Vanessa Sanchez, Veterinary Assistant

Vanessa has been with Bay Cities since 2008. She truly loves the animals here, and the doctors too! In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her family and pets.

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